A Land of Fire and Ice – Your Gateway to the Extraordinary

Nestled in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is a land of breathtaking natural wonders, where untamed wilderness meets vibrant culture. This remote island nation, with its dramatic landscapes, is a traveler’s dream come true. From cascading waterfalls to steaming geysers, and from ancient sagas to modern urban charm, Iceland offers an experience unlike any other.

Top highlights

Golden Triangle
Blue Lagoon
Northern Lights
Amazing Waterfalls
Exploring Reykjavik
Jökulsárlón Glacier

Where, What and How?

Accommodation – Iceland offers a variety of hotels ranging from budget to luxury. In Reykjavik, you’ll find a concentration of upscale hotels, while smaller towns often have more modest options. Many hotels include amenities such as restaurants, bars, and spas.

Food – Given Iceland’s location in the North Atlantic, seafood plays a significant role in Icelandic cuisine. You can savor dishes like fresh fish, particularly cod and haddock, as well as Arctic char and salmon. Don’t miss out on Icelandic specialties such as pickled herring and fermented shark (Hákarl). Also, icelandic lamb is renowned for its quality and flavor.

Transportation – The best option by far is to rent a car at the airport and start enjoying driving in this outworldly country.

* Chill time at Blue lagoon.


My itinerary – Day 1: Arriving to the airport, rent a car and head to our first stop, * tip if you stay at Stóra-Mörk III Guesthouse, you will be 5 minutes from the spectacular Seljalandsfoss, be the first in the morning!

Day 2- After having a nice breakfast, we start our day at Seljalandsfoss. Then, we head to the glacier but in the way there are several places of interest, such as: Skógafoss (an amazing waterfall), Solheimasandur Plane Wreck (here we didn’t stop, it takes much time and it’s nothing special to me) and Reynisfjara (the black beach, which we skip this day). Once in Jökulsárlón, we enjoy the surrounding area, including the astonishing Diamont Beach. Then, at Glacier Lagoon Boat Tours, we chose the zodiac, since was the one which gets closer to the glacier. We didn’t regreat, what a nice experience! Finally we prepared for a long drive all the way back to Reykjavík. We stopped for gas and dinner at Veitingasala Restaurant, the lamb stew was pretty good. Finally, as the cherry on the cake, after such a wonderful day, two hours before reach Reykjavík, we saw the northenlights.

Day 3- We decided to stay the rest of the trip at Hótel Múli, it was easy to get by car and relative close to everything. Every morning we started the day at Bakarameistarinn – Suðurver, they have a huge variety of delicious staff for breakfast, both sweet and warm, was a nice discovery. Once with the stomach full we went directly to Blue Lagoon. They call it one of the natural wonders, not without a reason, the experience was incredible. After expending several hours there, we decided to go to a nearby volcano at Grindavík area, which was active and then ceased activity the week before we arrived. Anyway, go hiking on top of the yet-warm-lava will be difficult to forget. In the way back to the hotel, we decided to give a chance to Lava restaurant. It is a lavish place, quite pricy but with good quality.

Day 4- This was the day chosen to explore the famous “Golden Triangle”. We start visiting Thingvellir, where we walked between two continents, visited the first parlament (Lögberg) or saw a pretty waterfall (Öxarárfoss). Then, we continued with Geysir and I must admit that we get hipnotized by the natural phenomena. Finally, we ended up in the last stop of the golden circle: Gullfoss. This was perhaps my favourite waterfall of the whole trip.

Day 5- After our daily breakfast we headed Kerið, a picturesque lake within a volcano crater which was formed around 4000 b.C. After walking inside and outside the volcano we went to Reynisfjara, aka The Black Beach, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. The sunset was epic, the colors unreal (see picture of the boat in the carrusel). Since was Saturday we chose to go out this night. The atmosphere was good, but the ratio tourists/natives was quite high, so it felt a bit like being in any student city of Europe.

Day 6- This was our last day, and it was the time for exploring the capital. Reykjavík turn to be as I expected, no big surprises: a typical quiet and compact nordic city. Some of the highlights were the Sun Voyager, the Rainbow Street, the impressive Hallgrímskirkja or the cozy Íslenski barinn, where we tried all kind of unique Islandic delicatessen. We left the city with our stomaches full and we drove direction to the airport knowing that we will come back soon.

Money Saving Tips

Free nature Remember that the main attraction of Iceland are the astonishing landscapes, and this is totally free. So, for most of the iconic places: waterfalls, geisers, glaciers...etc. You only need to pay the parking lot.
Eat cheap Despite being an expensive country, you don't need to spend so much in food, since you will spend most of the day outside the city. Therefore I recommend you to get a decent amount of supplies in the supermarket before going to the adventure.
Book in advance This is an advice for any Scandinavian country, the hotels could become quite expensive during winter due to the aurora hunters, try to book the hotels at least four months in advance.