A Journey Through Time and Wonders

From the iconic pyramids and Sphinx to the vibrant chaos of Cairo’s bustling markets, Egypt is a symphony of contrasts, a celebration of life, and a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity.

Embark on a journey through the pages of history, where the great pyramids guard the secrets of the ancients, and where the Valley of the Kings reveals the stories of pharaohs long gone. Egypt, with its timeless allure, awaits your discovery – a living testament to the resilience of a civilization that has left an indelible mark on the world.

Top highlights

Pyramids of Giza
Sail the Nile River
Luxor´s Temples
Relax in Hurghada
Abu Simbel
Explore Cairo
The Valley of the Kings
Saqqara Necropolis

Where, What and How?

Accommodation – Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan offer a wide selection of hotels, and coastal destinations like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada feature beachfront resorts. Experience a unique stay on a Nile River cruise. These cruises often operate between Luxor and Aswan, allowing travelers to explore ancient sites and enjoy scenic views from the comfort of the ship.

Food – Koshari is a hearty dish made with a mix of rice, lentils, pasta, chickpeas, and crispy fried onions, topped with a spicy tomato sauce and garlic vinegar. Hawawshi is a popular street food which consists of spiced minced meat (usually beef or lamb) stuffed into flatbread and baked or grilled. It’s a flavorful and satisfying snack.

Transportation – Taxis are the best way to move in Egypt, but it’s essential to negotiate the fare or ensure that the taxi meter is used. To avoid this I strongly recommend you to use Uber or Careem.

* Some unexpected moments of total calm and relax.

My itinerary – Day 1-3: We arrived to Hurghada and stayed at Bel Air Azur Resort, we decided to start our holidays just relaxing and charging the battery for the rest of the trip. As the resort has everything, the town of Hurghada had little to offer. Still we visited the nearby Al Mina Mosque and we went during night to El Dahar Bazars, quiet a lively spot. For the rest, chill and dive in the beach.

Day 3-5: We flight to Cairo but we didn’t stop at the city and we head directly to our hotel Tree Lounge Pyramids View INN. The views from the hotel were incredible and during the night, we enjoyed (for free!) the Sphinx light show while we were having a nice Egyptian dinner. The day after we decided to go for an organized tour with a private guide. The tour included the necropolis of Giza, the necropolis of Saqqara and some ruins of the old Memphis. The good point of the tour is that they bring you by car to all this places which could be a bit difficult to reach if not by taxi. In the bad side, the “Egyptologist” was far from that title and he was trying to bring us to all sort of different business. The next day we decided to give a second change to Giza´s necropolis, this time at our own tempo; it was incredible. As advice, do not expect too much about the inside of the pyramids, and be aware that you need to be relative fit for exploring Keops (Khufu) pyramid, an experience not suitable for claustrofobics.

Day 5-8: We left Giza to jump directly in the hearth of the bustling Cairo where we stayed for three nights at Hotel Novotel Cairo El Borg. This city is big, crowded and noise, but I found some sort of charming atmosphere in its busy streets and markets. The mototaxis are a good way of moving from one spot to another but if you are brave enough consider walk out of the tourisic places. I had the best moments when I entered in a bakery at Al Helmia or visit the markets during night (not recommended due safety reasons). There, the locals were not speaking english but neither were they harrasing me by offering something. After a couple of good experiences I realised that when the owners of a business were not able to communicate in english, they were never going to ask me ridiculous overpriced services/goods.

The first day we visited al-Azhar mosque, al-Futuh and El Nasr gates and the citadele with the impresive alabaster mosque (the views from there are amazing). The second day we decided spend the whole day at the Egyptian museum, during the night we went to Cairo´s tower. The third day we visited Coptic quarter before we took the plane back to Hurghada.

Day 8-11: Back at Hurghada’s airport we rented a car and we crossed the dessert all the way to Luxor. There we stayed at Pavillon Winter Luxor, a little oasis in the middle of the city. The day after our arrival we started having a very nice breakfast in the garden (the flamingos were defenetly a nice touch!). Once our stomaches were full, we went to Luxor’s Temple and then we spent the whole afternoon at Karnak complex, personally the most amazing ruins that I ever visited. During last day in Luxor we visited Hatshepsut’s Temple and later the Valley of the Kings. I paid the extra for visiting the tomb of Seti I and for me was totally worthy (see pic of the well preserved jeroglyphs and the star calendar). Also, do not miss the tomb of Ramses III, the longest of The Valley.

Day 11-13: We left Luxor and drove back to Hurghada to spend the last two days of the trip relaxing at Meraki Resort.


Money Saving Tips

Negotiate Bargain is in the DNA of Egyptians and not doing it could be even offensive. So be aware that the first price that you hear is around ten or twenty times the value, so do your best, but don't get too greedy!.
Ride with Uber If you are not good at negociting or you just simple don't want to, it is the best way of having a fixed affordable price.
Proactive tipping Everyone seems to be ready to help you no matter you don't ask for, and they will spect some tip. Well, ignore these people but remember to have a fix tip for the ones who are really helping, after all the salaries here are very low and giving them a tip before they ask will make them friendlier.
Free mosques During the whole trip the mosques (specially in Cairo) were the perfect places to find peace and fresher air for free.